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T H E   B I G   R E A D
was the title of the nationwide survey on books carried out first by the BBC in the United Kingdom in 2003, where over three quarters of a million votes were received to find the nations best-loved book. The goal was to find the "Nation's Best-loved Book" by way of a viewer vote via the Web, SMS, and telephone.
In spring 2007 Czech enthusiasts put together round TV staff and lead by Aleš Ulm started a similar half-year long inquiry supported by several accompanying programmes called KNIHA MÉHO SRDCE - THE BOOK OF MY HEART.
This opinion poll culminated on October 17 with a TV show hosted by celebrities, advocating their favourite books. After two hours of their witty performances the results of the voting were announced.

The book number 1 became SATURNIN by Zdeněk Jirotka. Saturnin (1942) is a humorous novel
by Zdeněk Jirotka with characters like the dangerous servant Saturnin, the annoying Aunt Kateřina and her son Milouš, Uncle František, Doctor Vlach, and the narrator's grandfather, all set in a provincial milieu and bearing sarcastic features. The book is probably the best work of Zdeněk Jirotka.

The GRANDMOTHER (Czech 'Babička') placed second. Babička (1855) is a novel written by Božena Němcová in 1855. It is her most popular work and is regarded as a classic piece of Czech literature because she - the writer - displayed the idyllic life in the Czech countryside in the 19th century like no one else.

The third place took THE LITTLE PRINCE by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French aviator. It is his most famous novella published in 1943. Although considered a children's book, The Little Prince makes several deep-going and idealistic observations about life and human nature. For example, Saint-Exupéry tells of a fox meeting the young prince as he exits the Sahara desert. The story's essence is contained in the lines uttered by the fox to the little prince: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly…", or "…what is essential is invisible to the eye." Other key thematic messages are articulated by the fox, such as: "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed" and "It is the time you have spent with your rose that makes your rose so important.

The survey showed which books are a part of our soul, which books you can be happy with or you can weep over or books which make you think about. It also showed our nation´s character - sarcastic, intelligent humor or nostalgic longing for nature and the "golden times" as well as admiration for beauty and humanistic philosophy are those which appeal the Czechs.
What about you and your (nation´s) favourite reading?

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