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It was a pleasure (and very heartwarming) to hear in February 2009 that Ostrava had become a candidate city for the title EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2015. One Czech city and one Belgian city will be awarded this prestigeous status.
After several decades of Ostrava´s being "the iron-and-steal- heart of the Republic", the candidacy for such title is an honour in itself - it´s a recognition of all efforts of those acting in theatres, musical ensembles, houses of culture, fine arts and galleries, museums, clubs, libraries, festivals and folklore, architecture for many, many years. It´s true that Ostrava cannot boast of many architecturally historical buildings but in terms of modern architecture, Ostrava is one of the most interesting cities in the Czech Republic. A walk in the old centre of Ostrava will be one great impression of Art Nouveau, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Renaissance, even red-brick Dutch Renaissance, Neo-Classicism, Cubism, Decorative and Functional styles.
Besides, Ostrava can pride about a unique technical monument - after metallurgical production in Vítkovice in so-called Bottom area had been terminated, its industrial objects and technological assemblies were proclaimed National Cultural Monument together with Hlubina coal mine and included in 2008 in the European Cultural heritage.mmm

Come and enjoy our city - many sport possibilities will make your stay more enjoyable and don´t forget to use the network of cycling trails and path. And don´t forget a visit to the Beskydy Mountains!
If you aren´t able to come, you will surely enjoy seeing presentations of our city at websites of Ostrava...

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